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Value Of The Jewish Wedding Contract

When you meet the right person, you shall experience Love in the greatest way possible. It allows you to express yourself in any way possible with the person you love. To officiate this relationship, conducting a wedding ceremony or getting a certificate from the district office will help. The purpose of officiating the relationship is to get a certificate which proves you are married. These marriage ceremonies are conducted differently in different religions despite them sharing a common purpose. A wedding contract is given by those officiating the ceremony to signify your unification.

In the contract, there is a set of obligations that the husband has towards the wife which they have to meet once they ceremony is over. Some consequences emerge in the event the marriage contract is not upheld. In the past, this contract mostly defined the responsibilities that the husband had towards the wide regarding money. The man was responsible for fending for the family as the wife dealt with home affairs. Where the husband dies or these couples want to separate, the marriage contract was used to settle the financial matters. If they separated or the husband died, the wife would use the marriage contract to get what is rightfully hers as stated in the contract.

As other couples see the marriage contract existing for monetary purposes, others enter the contract to honour their vows. The marriage ceremony contains a section where the husband and wife professed their undying Love through vows. The vows were inscribed on the contract to remind this couple of their love every day. Some of these couples decide to display their marriage contract. The marriage contract did not give the husband similar rights as the wife in case of a divorce.

Both men and women are granted the same rights in the divorce settlement as opposed to the traditional marriage contract. This contract is said to contain important information according to what transpired during the ceremony such as the date and location. Besides the date and location, the contract also contains the names of the couples and that of their fathers. It was not the duty of the new husband and wife to sign their marriage contract. The witnesses present during the wedding were responsible for signing this contract. It was their responsibility to ensure the terms of the contract were met. The marriage contracted ensured women stayed independent even though they were married.

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